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Targeted Advertising


Radio has, since its inception, maintained 92%-94% reach of all Americans every week.  No matter how many new digital forms of advertising come along, radio still has the best reach and provides the best results when done right! Radio Advertising remains STRONG, cost effective and the most flexible for local business.

Radio is the only medium that allows you to zero in on psychographic and demographic targets, lifestyles, income levels and so much more.  

With the right message, on the right stations, at the right time, with enough frequency, radio works better than any other medium when done right.

Creative Experts


Behind me, is a team of professionals. Copywriters, voice talents, production experts and more.  With the help of the talented staff of SAGA Communications, you will receive a commercial and campaign that will provide results.  

Let's get to work!!

Whether you want Branding, immediate response for an event, reputation building, or simple reminders... Radio can provide better results than any other medium. 

Let me help you with your radio advertising and how to tie it all together with digital ads!  

Competitive Pricing


Obviously, the more you invest, the better and quicker your results.  But for small business, highly affordable schedules can be designed with promotional opportunities to assist with more bang for your buck.   Whether you need to build slowly or blow the roof off for a big event, we can bring the results you need.  

Radio Advertising in Gainesville

Radio Advertising in Ocala

From Coast To Coast, from Interstate 10 to the Nature Coast... we've got you covered.

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The Steps to Begin Your Growth with Radio!


Complete Marketing Analysis

With this, I first analyse what you have done, what worked, what didn't and why.   Did you use radio advertising?  Was it the wrong station or did you use the wrong message? Then, I provide qualitative and quantitative research for your business that provides you with the stations that best fit your needs.  Based on those results, we will then plan a campaign that will accomplish your goals.  That is presented in the next meeting.

Questions Answered

Idea and Information Sharing

In this meeting we go over the research I have done for you.  Then I present my ideas, suggested radio advertising, digital and on-air promotional schedules.  This is where we tweek or abolish my idea and brainstorm to come to a meeting of the minds.  Your business, your involvement, my advice and creativity... What a Team! 


The Final Closing Meeting


I have presented and tweaked the campaign to fit your budgetary goals, to hit your target and now we finalize the schedule and get to work on copy.  Within a day you will have script/s to approve.  Then I send it off to production and send you a commercial to approve before it goes on the air.

Each month, we will change the commercial to keep it fresh! More often if needed.  There is NO Charge for station production.  

Once you decide to advertise on radio, I become your partner!

Let's get busy making your business grow!

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